7 Best Beach destinations in Georgia (Europe)

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Georgia is popular among tourists for its mountains and beautiful sceneries it offers. BUT there is more to this beautiful country. The black sea coast on the west of Georgia gives this country several beautiful beaches. So on your next trip to Georgia don’t forget to put a few of these beach destinations on your list. To help you out, here is our list of best beach destinations in Georgia.

Before that, you need to know that the swimming season opens here in June and lasts until the end of September.

Alright then, let’s look at our list of 7 best beach destinations in Georgia.


Gonio is one of the most popular beach destinations on the Georgian Black Sea coast, 30 minutes ride away from Batumi. It is known for its clean water, colorful houses, and sunbathing opportunities. Perfect place to have a relaxing day under the shining sun.

This town is also popular for the Gonio Fortress, a Roman fortification, dating back to the first century AD.

View of Gonio Beach - Beach destinations Georgia

Gonio Beach © Dianagrikurovi / Wikimedia Commons


This another popular beach offers crystal clear water to enjoy swimming with a view of emerald mountains on the side. This beach is actually next to Gonio, so you can visit both Gonio and Kvariati together. It’s also suitable for a family holiday. This relaxing and peaceful beach is often visited by people with vascular and central system problems because of its healing properties.

Kvariati Beach - Beach destinations Georgia

Kvariati Beach Adjara © George Kvizhinadze / Wikimedia Commons

Mtsvane Kontskhi

Also known as Green Cape, this little beach town offers breathtaking scenery and eternal green cover at its beach. This picturesque coastal town is located nine kilometers north of Batumi.

With its clear water, Green Cape is ideal not only for swimming but also for diving.

Mtsvane Kotskhi is also home to Batumi Botanical Garden. With 108 hectare area of land, it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the former Soviet Union.

View from Batumi botanical garden - Beach destinations Georgia

View from Batumi Botanical Gardens, Mtsvane Kontskhi © Kober / Wikimedia Commons


Kobuleti beach is a long thin strip of small pebbles and sand. In addition to the beach, this town also offers nice day trip opportunities to visit Ispani Swamps (one of the wonders of Georgia), and Kintrishi Nature Reserve.

This beach is known for its mild subtropical climate, ionized air, pine forests, hot sun, and warm sea, recommended both for recreation and treatment.

Kobuleti Beach - Beach destinations Georgia

Kobuleti Beach © MIKHEIL / Wikimedia Commons


This tranquil black sand beach lined with pine trees is located between Kobuleti and Ureki. Crystal clear water with magnetic sand, beaming sun, and an aroma of coniferous trees create a pleasant atmosphere here.  The magnetic sand here is considered to have curing properties.

Shekvetili has shallow seashore and also offers a theme park, known as Tsitsinatela, which makes it a perfect destination for families with children.

View of Shekvetili Park next to the beach - Beach destinations Georgia

Shekvetili Park © Gaga.vaa / Wikimedia Commons


This fine sand beach town is located 50 km north of Batumi. The coastline here is filled with pine and eucalyptus trees, giving its peculiarly intoxicating aroma that feels great with the fresh sea breeze.

Similar to Shekvetili, it has got magnetic sand at the beach which is believed to have healing properties.

Sunset at Ureki beach - Beach destinations Georgia

Sunset on the Ureki beach. Georgia © Kakha Kolkhi / flickr


Further north from Ureki, you will find Grigoleti beach, another beach with magnetic sand that is notable for its property to treat different health problems. Baths of hot sand produce a thermal impact on the body, which in result stimulates the immune process and metabolism. The whole area is covered with perennial pines, creating a special microclimate.

Grigoleti beach - Beach destinations Georgia

Grigoleti coast of the Black Sea © Koba Samurkasov / 123RF.com

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