Top things to see and do in Batumi, Georgia

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Batumi, aka Pearl of the Black Sea, is the third-largest city in Georgia. This city attracts a lot of locals and tourists in summers because of its subtropical climate and long beach. It’s a city of nightlife and neon lights during summer. Whether you already arrived in Batumi or planning to visit and wondering what to do in this city, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are the top things to see and do in Batumi.

Ali and Nino Statues

This moving love monument was installed in 2010 was created by Georgian sculptors Tamar Kvesitadze and Paata Sanaiya. Every ten minutes, both figures move towards each other, merge into a single entity and move away from each other without touching.

This composition portrays the love between two characters of a popular novel Ali and Nino: an aristocrat from Azerbaijan Ali and a Georgian princess Nino in Baku in the years 1918-1920.

Picture of Ali and Nino statues

Moving figures of Ali and Nino © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Alphabetic Tower

Another landmark of Batumi city, Alphabetic Tower is a 130 meters high monument that represents the uniqueness of the Georgian alphabets and people. It is located very close to the statues of Ali and Nino.

The tower itself is structured in a double helix pattern of DNA, each rung of the double helix displaying 33 individual and unique letters in the Georgian alphabet.

You can reach the top of this tower by elevator and enjoy the panoramic view of the city with a glass of Georgian wine. The elevator ride costs 10 GEL.

Alphabetic tower in the background

Alphabetic Tower in the background © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Ride the Argo Cable Car

This cable car ride is a 2.5 km ride which takes you to an elevation of 256 meters. The upper station is essentially an entertainment center with cafes, souvenir shops and a viewpoint from where you can have a stellar panoramic view of this coastal city. Go on this ride just before sunset and you are bound to have an even more beautiful view.

The ticket price for the ride is 15 GEL per adult for a round trip. It costs 5 GEL for children under 12 years.

Timings: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Batumi skyline picture taken from Argo viewpoint

Batumi skyline picture taken from Argo viewpoint © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Relax at the 6th May Park

With a lake in the middle, this lovely green park is a popular spot among locals for leisure time. It’s a good place for a peaceful walk, ride a paddleboat or to read a book on a sunny day. There is also a Dolphinarium just next to the 6th May Park.

reflection of building on the lake in 6th may paek

Picture taken from 6th May park © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Roam around Europe Square

While Batumi has new and modern buildings, this city preserved its 19th-century buildings during its restoration period. Europe square is surrounded by those renovated old buildings plus new buildings in a similar style. It is a great place to witness the transformation and see the mix of the old and new architecture.

Here you will also find a castle with an astronomical clock at the top, and also a high standing statue of Medea, a Colchian Princess of the Greek mythology.

Fans of photography and architecture are bound to spend quite a while here at the Europe square.

picture taken at Europe square, batumi

Europe square, Batumi © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Walk the Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard, a seafront promenade stretching for 7 km, is probably the oldest attraction in Batumi. It’s a broad promenade where you are going to find many interesting sculptures, amusement rides for children, in addition to many cafes, bars, and parks.

Here you can also find bikes on rent if you want to ride the whole boulevard, but I would recommend to walk this boulevard and enjoy all the attractions on the way. It is also a good sunset viewing point.

picture taken from Batumi boulevard

An artistic figure of a man carrying a heart in a trolley at the Batumi Boulevard © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Visit Batumi Botanical Garden

Located in Mtsvane Konstskhi, 9 km north of Batumi city, Batumi Botanical Garden offers some great views over the coastline. This garden covers 111 hectares area of land and contains flora from nine phytogeographic areas, including ones from the Himalayas and the Mediterranean.

You can go through the garden on foot or by carts for an additional cost.

Timings: 09:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Ticket Price: 15 GEL per adult. (December 2019)

View from Batumi botanical garden - Beach destinations Georgia

View from Batumi Botanical Garden, Mtsvane Kontskhi © Kober / Wikimedia Commons

Watch the Dancing Fountains

These dancing fountains are located at Ardgani lake next to the Batumi Boulevard. This not-so-big but elegant dancing fountain show will get you in a great mood for the evening. As the sun sets, the fountains start gushing and put a dance show in sync with the musical soundtracks of pop, rock, and classical genre.

There are also several cafes at the site where you can enjoy a drink or have dinner while enjoying the show.

Please note that there is no Fountain Show in the winter season.

Dancing fountains in Batumi

Dancing Fountains © Gytis Liutkus / Flickr

Try Khachapuri Adjaruli

It is a must-try food if you are visiting the Adjara region of Georgia (Batumi is the capital of Adjara), because of the fact that this particular variant of Khachapuri originated from this region.

Adjaruli is a boat-shaped Khachapuri and baked in a brick oven. Once the bread is taken out of the oven, the baker gives the final touch to the dish: puts chunks of butter and cracks a raw egg in the middle of the bread. This Khachapuri is certainly the representation of the boat, sea, and sun as this dish is thought to be originated from the Lazi people, who were sailors.

My recommended restaurant to try authentic Adjaruli Khachapuri is Retro restaurant at 54/62 Zurab Gorgiladze St.

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Adjarian khachapuri on a dining table served with soup, chips and sausages

Adjarian khachapuri served with soup, chips, and sausages © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

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