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Undoubtedly, Tbilisi is the beautiful capital city of Georgia. Its a mix of old and modern architecture with the scenic setting in mountain valleys makes it a city you are bound to love. This city is filled with many great spots for taking incredible pictures. Here I have compiled my list of Top Instagram worthy places in Tbilisi.

Gallery 27 (aka Kaleidoscope house)

Built on the Sololaki rocky slope, this unique stained-glass house on Betlemi Street dates back to the 19th century and is one of the distinct attractions for the tourists. This old building still well preserves its colorful stained-glass décor and is popular among tourists and locals for its colorful decoration.

This place is actually inhibited by 8 families so try to be not loud when visiting the place and also no need to rush to the place early morning as the doors are not opened for visitors before 10 o’clock.

Gallery 27 Kaleidoscope house

Picture taken at Gallery 27 © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Rike Park

A beautiful park located next to the peace bridge, along the eastern bank of river Mtkvari, this park boasts Giant chess, pools and fountains. The two large prominent metallic tubes located at the north end of the park meant to be a concert hall and exhibition center, now literally gathering dust are an uncompleted project designed by Italy’s Massimiliano Fuksas.

One interesting thing to know, the aerial view of the Rike park shows a large scale map of Georgia, as well as the pathways from the borders depict the various regions of Georgia.

View of Reki Park - Tbilisi

View of Rike Park © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

The Bridge of Peace

Perfect for both day and night time photography, this modern bow-shaped pedestrian glass-and-steel bridge over the Mtkvari River is truly beautiful. This 156 meters long bridge, connecting the Rike Park and the ‘old’ part of the town, has more than 10000 LED lights that switch on 90 minutes before the sunset.

Interesting bit: The bridge was brought to Georgia from Italy in 200 unassembled components.

the bridge of peace, Tbiliai at night

Bridge of Peace at night © Koba Samurkasov /

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The third highest Eastern Orthodox Cathedral in the world, the beauty and the size of this cathedral is indeed breathtaking. Its golden dome is practically visible from any point in Tbilisi. This cathedral is by far the most instagram worthy cathedral in the whole Tbilisi among others.

Tip: Reach the Cathedral as early morning as possible for getting stunning pictures. I reached in the afternoon and had to encounter a good amount of tourists and visitors.

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Tbilisi

Holy Trinity Cathedral © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

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Metekhi st. virgin church // Narikala Fortress

After a long history of being destroyed and rebuilt several times, Metekhi Church is now one of the most important landmarks of Tbilisi. Metekhi is the oldest settlement of Tbilisi. Located in Avlabari, on the rocky height of the left bank of river Mtkvari, outside the church stands the equestrian statue of the city’s founder, King Vakhtang Gorgasali.

From this spot, you can get a good point of view for Narikala Fortress and the old city area.

Narikala fortress viewed from Metekhi St. Virgin Church

View of Narikala Fortress from Metekhi Church © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Leaning Clock Tower

Located in Tbilisi old town, this clock tower is indeed Tbilisi’s most unusual building, with a tower on the perpetual brink of falling down, and only a steel beam holding the tower in place. Every hour a window opens at the small balcony at the top, and a mannequin of an angel strikes the bell.

Twice a day at noon and at 7 pm every day, in addition to the angel striking the bell, below the clock opens one more window showing a puppet show – “The circle of life”: boy meets girl, marriage, childbirth, and funeral.

Leaning clock Tower, tbilisi

Leaning Clock Tower © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Foot under-passage at Baratashvili Bridge

This underpass has to be the coolest underpass in the whole city of Tbilisi. The whole underpass is painted with cool graffiti showing this city’s modern urban art culture. Just have a walk through this passage and get creative with your camera.

Graffiti at Foot under passage at Baratashvili Bridge Tbilisi

Foot under passage at Baratashvili Bridge Tbilisi © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler


Once a Soviet sewing factory, now a popular place among the tourists and locals of Tbilisi. It’s a really great spot to see the street art and hipster scene of the Georgian capital city. This place has got cafes, coworking spaces, shops, a hostel and more! No matter what time of the day you arrive here, you will most certainly find something cool to photograph here.

Fabrika - Tbilisi

Fabrika – Tbilisi © Tatiana Panova /

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