Top things to see and do in Baku, Azerbaijan

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Baku over-delivers when it comes to the beauty and the architecture of the city. You are definitely going to find yourself falling in love with this city, as we did. This city is a prime example of hospitality and beauty. Let us have a look at Top things to see and do in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan.

Explore Icherisheher

Literally meaning Old City, Icherisheher is the most ancient part of Baku. This Baku’s walled fortress is surrounded by walls from three sides, with one side open to the Caspian Sea. Icheri Sheher is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in whole Azerbaijan.

Old City is home to the infamous Palace of Shirvanshahs and the iconic Maiden Tower. You won’t get tired exploring the picturesque narrow lanes of Icherisheher.

Location: Baku 1000, Azerbaijan
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

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Picture of street in Old Baku city - Icherisheher

Icherisheher © Samir Rəsulov / Wikimedia Commons

Maiden Tower

Located in Baku’s Old City, Icherisheher, Maiden Tower is arguably the most recognized landmark of Azerbaijan. The picture of Maiden tower is featured on the Azeri Currency notes.

There are different legends about the tower. There is still no clear answer on when and why this tower was built, and how it acquired its name Maiden Tower.

No written records were found which could tell about its construction or its actual purpose. Archaeologists and historians cannot still find consensus on when it was built.

Location: Old Baku CIty, Azerbaijan
Timings: 09:00 – 18:00
Entrance Fee: 15 AZN

Maiden tower - things to see and in Baku

Picture of Maiden Tower © Dan Lundberg / Flickr

Visit the beautiful mosques of Baku

Baku has got a few very beautiful mosques with interesting stories. I would suggest visiting Teze Pir Mosque, Bibi Heybat Mosque, and Heydar Mosque. Latter two are old mosques with history to them and the Heydar Mosque was built most recently in 2014.

Teze Pir Mosques fell victim to the 1917 October Revolution. This mosque had been once turned into a cinema and later a barn. In 1943, it was later reopened as a mosque.

Bibi Heybat mosque was built in the 1990s. It is a recreation of a 13th-century mosque built by the Shirvanshahs, which was fully destroyed in 1936.

Heydar-mosque - things to see and do in Baku

Heydar Mosque at night © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Flame Towers

Flame Towers is an iconic trio of buildings that dominate the skyline of Baku. These towers are built in the shape of flickering flames.

After sunset, these towers light up to produce a captivating show.

Location: Mehdi Huseyn St. Baku

Flame Towers - things to see and do in Baku

Flame towers seen from Carpet museum, Baku © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Martyr’s Lane

It’s a cemetery and memorial in Baky commemorates more than one hundred Azerbaijani demonstrators which were killed by the Soviet Army in the Infamous Black January 1990.

Situated here is also the Eternal Flame memorial erected in memory of Azerbaijan martyrs.

Location: Mehdi Hüseyn Street, Bakı 1006
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Martyr's Lane - things to see and do in Baku

Martyr’s Lane © Dan Lundberg / Flickr

Highland Park

Also known as Viewing Square, Highland Park is located at the highest point of Baku city. This park gives you a beautiful panoramic view of the city. You can use the funicular train to reach this park or walk to the square.

It’s a great spot to get your pictures with the flame towers. The best time to visit, in my opinion, is around sunset for an amazing view of Baku boulevard and the light show of Flame Towers.

Location: 9R5H+4G Baku, Azerbaijan
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

View from Highland Park, Baku - things to see and do in Baku

View from Highland Park, Baku © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Mud Volcanoes / Gobustan National Park

Azerbaijan is home to about 30 percent of the total number of mud volcanoes in the world. Visit Gobustan National Park, Azerbaijan’s another UNESCO World Heritage site, for ancient carvings and mud volcanoes.

Location: 39XM+45 Qobustan, Azerbaijan
Timings: Everyday 10:00 – 17:00
Entrance Fee: 10 AZN

Mud Volcano at Gobustan National Park - things to see and do in Baku

Gobustan mud volcanoes © Investigation11111 / Wikimedia Commons

Heydar-Aliyev Center

Named after former president and first secretary of Azerbaijan, this modern building is popular for its flowing, curve style architecture. It’s a great spot for photography.

Heydar-Aliyev Center houses an auditorium, a gallery hall, and a museum. There is a photo art gallery outside the building. I Love Baku sign and Markezi Park are situated next to the building.

Location: 1 Heydar Aliyev Ave, Baku 1033, Azerbaijan
Timings: Monday closed, Tuesday to Friday 11:00 – 19:00, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 – 18:00
Entrance Fee: 12 AZN

Heydar Aliyev Center - things to see and do in Baku

Picture of Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Baku Boulevard

It is a seaside promenade stretching along the south-facing bay on the Caspian Sea. This 3.75 Km promenade passes along the Mini-Venice, Carpet Museum, Caspian-waterfront mall, and Baku Eye.

Location: 92 Neftchilar Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Picture of Baku Boulevard - things to see and do in Baku

Baku Boulevard © Interfase / Wikimedia Commons

Carpet Museum

Azerbaijan has a long history of carpet weaving and it is the oldest type of applied art in the region.

With more than 14000 exhibits, including rare carpets, embroideries, clothes, exquisite pieces of jewelry, this place is perfect for witnessing Azeri art at one place

Location: 28 Mikayıl Hüseynov Prospekti, Bakı 1000, Azerbaijan
Timings: Monday closed, Tuesday – Friday 10:00-18:00, Saturday- Sunday 10:00-20:00
Entrance Fee: Adults – 7 AZN, Pupils and Students – 3 AZN

Carpet Museum Baku - things to see and do in Baku

Baku Carpet Museum Building in the shape of rolled carpet © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

Fountains Square

It is a public square situated in downtown Baku. Fountains Square is very popular among locals to gather in the morning and evenings and during weekends.

There are many boutique shops, restaurants, and hotels around. You can also visit Azerbaijan Literature Museum and Nizami Monument near the Fountains square.

Location: Baku 1005, Azerbaijan
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free of Charge

Picture of Fountains square

Fountains Square © لاله171 / Wikimedia Commons

Nizami Street

Nizami Street is a very popular pedestrian street in downtown Baku. Popular among tourists and locals for shopping and restaurants for local and international cuisines.

It is also considered as the most happening street in the town. The buildings in this street show amazing architecture and is a great place to take some pictures.

Location: Nizami Street, Baku
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Nizami street Baku

Nizami Street, Baku © Frokor / Wikimedia Commons

Baku Eye Ferris Wheel

This 197 feet tall Ferris Wheel is located on the Baku Boulevard. Each ride lasts for nearly 15 minutes. From the top of the Baku Eye, you get an amazing view of the Caspian Sea and the beautiful city of Baku.

There are 30 cabins and each cabin is capable of seating up to 8 people at one time. Baku Eye performs an attractive light show after dark. So, my suggestion is to visit Baku Eye around or after sunset.

Location: 9R3Q+V2 Baku, Azerbaijan
Timings: Everday 12:00 – 22:30
Entrance Fee: 5 AZN

Picture of Baku Eye taken from Highland Park Baku

Picture of Baku Eye taken from Highland Park, Baku © Somesh Rai / @worldnestler

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